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Ayurvedic medicine is the medical system developed in India and practiced continuously for over 5,000 years. It is described in the texts as “The Science of Life” because it delineates not only treatments for illnesses, but also a system of daily living practices that restore the balance and harmony of the individual, resulting in self-healing, good health, and longevity. 


Dr. Geary, M.D., is a practicing physician based in Palm Beach, FL, who works to integrate Ayurvedic and western medicines. She has also practiced in New Mexico, Manhattan, and across the globe from India to Zambia to Haiti. Dr. Geary attended Harvard College and Johns Hopkins Medical School.

About Dr. Geary

vedaPURE is a natural skincare line inspired by ayurvedic wellness, and created by Dr. Natalie Geary. Free of parabens, harsh chemicals, and steroids, vedaPURE products offer an holistic alternative.

vedaPURE began in Dr. Geary’s office: her patients and their families were seeking solutions to their children’s rashes and needed skincare for the dry, sensitive, and allergy-challenged skin they suffered with. Dr. Geary realized that the skincare available to these families all contained parabens, methyl parabens, other harsh chemicals, and steroids. She started formulating the vedaBABY products as an alternative for families seeking simply natural and honestly pure skincare.

During the many pre- and post-natal visits to Dr. Geary’s office, pregnant and nursing mothers asked her about the potential exposures to their baby of many skincare products. VedaMAMA was developed to meet the needs of new Moms.

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vedaPURE takes pride in the purity and quality of our products. The product line is made from products that are 100% natural, free of animal and petroleum-based ingredients, artificial dyes or fragrances. What distinguishes us from other “natural” product lines is that the ingredients are honestly pure and natural without dangerous chemical or chemical preservatives hidden at the end of the ingredient list. 


Although Dr. Geary originally formulated the products for her patients with allergies and eczema, the products are indicated for everyone who wants the safest and the purest products for themselves and their family.



All-natural skincare products designed by a pediatrician for babies and children. Especially for delicate skin, dry skin and for children with allergies. Every product is safe, natural and pure. They are paraben-free, sulfate-free, dye-free and chemical-free.



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A line of all natural skincare products for women that offers pure, natural beauty, free of chemicals, preservatives and fragrances. Each product is formulated to treat your skin to a fresh, natural solution from nature that will hydrate, rejuvenate and protect the skin from the environment.



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A  line of remedy oils dedicated to soothing common ailments with the same simply natural, honestly pure promise that makes vedaPURE™ so unique. vedaRX™ continues the vedaPURE™ tradition of using ancient ayurvedic principles of balance and health, herbal remedies for calming and soothing and the highest standards of excellence in modern care.