Dr. Natalie W. Geary, top New York City pediatrician, creator and founder of the skincare collection vedaPURE™, has accumulated a wealth of parenting knowledge from her years both as a doctor and a mother. The word “veda” itself is the ancient Sanskrit word for knowledge, and it is just this that she has brought to her skincare collection and now to her new online parenting blog, modern mums.

modern mums provides mothers of all stages with valuable information ranging from how to help your child deal with holiday stress, to the pros and cons of your child receiving the flu shot. Unlike other parenting blogs, readers can be assured that advice is being given not only from a mother’s tried and true experience, but from a doctor’s professional standpoint. With frequently updated video and written blogs, a Q & A section, and an “It” list with the latest mommy must-haves, modern mums is like having your own personal pediatrician on call 24/7.

“To me, this blog seemed to be the next logical step in both my career as a parent and as a doctor. I have a lot to share from a personal and professional perspective. I want to give my readers as much information and reassurance they can get without actually sitting in my office,” says Dr. Geary.

Dr. Geary first began giving mothers out-of-office care with the launch of vedaPURE™, the first and only skincare collection using ancient ayurvedic principles of balance and health, herbal remedies for calming and soothing and the highest standards of excellence in modern care. vedaPURE™ includes lines for the whole family, vedaMAMA™, vedaBABY™, and vedaDUDE™. Dr. Geary just introduced the latest addition to the collection, vedaRX, a line of creams, oils and salves that have an added touch of an at home pediatric call.

Natalie Geary